Horizont Group

Horizont Group

Horizont Group is a young company but with extensive experience in the company.

A great team with expertise in financing, appraisals, community management, architecture ....

Entrepreneurs and motivated purchase - sale and rent.

Versatile business at work, fluent in foreign languages ​​such as French, Italian and English.

Languages ​​much needed in real estate to reach a wide range of customers.

Domain in search of the best Valuations, Mortgage Loans and financing.

A complete and competent team building houses, swimming pools, landscaping, decoration and renovation of all kinds of properties with very competitive budgets.

A large customer base that guarantees the occupation of the holiday season for our customers.

An experienced maintenance gardens and communities, with their own cleaning staff, electricians, pallets, etc ..... painters to control at all times and to detail the construction, renovation or rental equipment of your property.

We specialize in the sale of urban properties offering exceptional products.

New built constructions excellent finishes on developments of high standing.

Businesses for Sale and resorts.

Towers ground floor and 2 floors. Luxury villas facing the sea.

Apartments in the best beaches of Costa Dorada.

Sale of businesses, shops and warehouses at very competitive prices.

Personalized advice for each client according to their requirements.

Horizont Group enters the real estate market with strength and confidence.

Eager to change and improvement, challenges hankering to go beyond the sale.

Horizont Group believe in transparency. At work well done.

In tracking before - during-and after a sale. We believe in creating clients and friends. Why is the best guarantee their propaganda.

Do not hesitate to visit or contact us on the web or by email.

Our commercial will attend you all your questions and advise them all without compromise